Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Did I ever take a "detour" from knitting! I've discovered or maybe I should say "re-discovered" weaving on looms. Who hasn't tried out a potholder loom as a kid?
I've got Linda to blame for that - she mentioned on her blog how she has such fun weaving up all these squares and making little blankets.

I took her suggestion and ordered the 7" square loom from Hazel Rose.

So here is what I have been doing - weaving! I am totally hooked and maybe it's my Pueblo genes calling out to me or maybe I just have Fiber-Addiction :)

Looking at the above picture, you will see I have learned to use 2 strands and also how to "bow" the yarn to ease the tension.

My first attempts are kinda "wonky", but I have been assured that they will straighten out. If you look closely at the center square, you'll see my tension is a bit tighter in the middle and it pulls in some. These were done with 1 strand of knitting worsted, another great way to use leftovers.

The lime and white squares were made with 2 strands of sport wt yarn. I think I am getting the tension figured out, as they are looking better. I found a long afghan hook in my collection and it's making weaving go that much faster.
It's fun trying out all the different patterns and yarns.

Knitting News
Still working on mittens for the Challenge. Here's a pair I started with 2 strands of knitting worsted.

Blanket Updates
- I am on the 6th square of my Curve of Pursuit Blanket!
Slow going on the Rectangular Lapghan - too hot right now - temps are 100+


Wool Winder said...

I'm intrigued by weaving now. Had one of the potholder looms as a kid. This looks like the grown up version. I'll be waiting to see how you join all those squares.

Monika said...

Hi Mariella, I've finished my Curve of Pursuit. Somebody asked me where I've got the pattern. I can't find it on e-bay anymore, can you please let me know where you got yours? Thanks a lot.

Mariella said...

I bought it on Ebay from the designers . Their Ebay name is Woolhelmina and their store name is "Assign Designs and Publications".
They are on vacation right now and will be back around August 17th.
I think some yarn shops might have it for sale - not sure which ones.

Carol said...

Just lovely weaving. And the Curve of pursuit blankie is beautiful too!