Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another Way To Knit Sideways Mittens

How about like this?

I knit these all the way across, omitted the short rows and worked the thumb last.
You can see the increases for the mitten tip in the center.
I've also added 5 more stitches to make a cuff.

Here is how one looks ready to seam up on the sides. Can't really get away with no seaming, unless one did a 3 needle bind-off, but that's getting too complicated and I like to keep these simple.

Not sure if omitting the short rows is a good idea, so I am working up another pair with the short rows.
More on those tomorrow.
I'll be adding the new version to my sidebar as soon as I decide which one I prefer.


Anami said...

Now I like the look of this variation! Looking forward to getting the pattern to try! Looks like they would go really fast!

Mariella said...

New variation is on my sidebar - have fun!

Knitcrazy said...

Oh I LOVE those mittens.. Did you decide which ones are the best?? Could I PLEASE have the directions ... I have 5 Grandchildren to knit them for in Buffalo :)

Mariella said...

Penny the patterns are on my sidebar and I think I like the longer all-in-one version best. You still have to sew up the sides, but the tip of the mitten is worked with the increases and no sewing up there!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there is something wrong with my browser. I see a profile link and then Previous Posts on your sidebar but no pattern links at all. Is this my problem alone?

thanks, Ann

Mariella said...

Patterns on right side of my blog, under "My Patterns" and before "Current Book I Am Reading"
Other's have been able to view the links, so perhaps it is your browser?

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to find your pattern. I looded at every item in your side bar, but don/t see any patterns - just pictures. I'm especially interested in the long
side ways mitttens

Jean Carrington

Mariella said...

Please check my latest post - Sept 10th 2006 - you'll see I made a post especially for those of you experiencing these difficulties.
Have fun knitting!