Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Roses and Daylillies

Not too much knitting going on - still suffering from RSI or WRS.
I have a Chiro apt tomorrow, so we'll see what happens.

Slowly teaching myself how to knit continental - with my left hand doing all the work. Knitting is fine, but purling is a bit awkward.
So I tried purling Greek style with the yarn wrapped around my neck.
Hey! I like it and it is so fast.

Well I'll treat you to some garden pictures.



Thursday, May 26, 2005

Little Tomten Finished!

CTS fingers still acting up - not much to say, but here is a finished picture of my EZ Tomten KAL.


And a hat made with one skein of Lion Brand Jiffy.


Monday, May 23, 2005

Gone Fishin'

It's fish and mittens this week. Found this great pattern on another blog.
Not sure how to create a link without stealing bandwidth, but here's
the blog address - knittingarrows.blogspot.com

Little school of fish.
They're going to be a blanket for my almost 4 grandson.
They're fun and addictive!


Stitch Markers are my latest fad.
So here is a picture of my very first attempt.
They are supposed to be sun and moon - sorry, not a very good picture for detail.

Hubby and I worked out in the yard today and I was able to transplant some "volunteer" tomatoes. Think I overdid the weed pulling, because now my CTS is acting up. I have pins and needles in my fingers. So no beading for now - my hands can't grasp things too well. Have to give them a rest.

Oh well I do have all those books to read!
Or maybe I'll clean up my sewing area,
or maybe I'll just knit!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Bargains Galore!

Well the last 2 days I have been to about 15 thrift shops in and around my area. My mother-in-law is visiting and she loves to go thrift shopping so DH drove us around town. Not too much knitting done, but I did mangae to get another sideways garter stitch hat done and worked more on my baby tomten jacket.
Thrift shops are a good place to get hardback books!
See what I found and most were around 99 cents!


Another good find were these patterns for about 25-35 cents each.
Summertime sewing for CRR - trying to use up my stash of material.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

This Week's Work

Still working on that sideways mitten pattern - tweaking here and there.
Lots of little results and a couple of hats thrown into the mix.
One's a sideways garter stitch hat from a pattern on the web.
The striped one is the Helix Hat.

Went to Michael's today with my 40% coupon to get some yarn for a new KAL at the Baby Surprise Yahoo Group - we're going to be working on EZ's Tomten. I'll post some pictures of my yarn and progress in a few days.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day & Mitten Mania

First - here's a great card DD#2 sent me.
Get it? I just love Startrek anything!

And now on to my knitting.

So today I finally took some pictures of my works in progress.
Here's a few mittens I have been knitting.
They're garter stitch knit back and forth. I am still tweaking my pattern.
The lighter ones are from some very "aged" stash yarn, Colombia Minerva Shannon.
The burgandy ones are from some unknown yarn I purchased at East Bay Depot in Berkeley. Really nice soft stuff, but a little chunkier, so the mittens came out a little larger.
But that's ok, 'cause they are all destined for the Rez.


Little Baby Sweaters, from "The Portable Crafter - Knitting"
Here is one on the needles that needs a few more rows and some buttons.


Here is one already done, needs buttons

Hope everyone had a very nice Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

First Day At School

Well I feel like this is my first day at school - it certainly is my first attempt at blogging.

I have been knitting lots of things, but mainly on mittens for Cheyenne River Reservation.
Then there is the baby sweaters that need to be finished and a little Crochet-A-Long with my sister, Rita.

This is how the crocheted sole should look like.

Crocheted Sole

And this is the top part.
Top Part